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Dave Rodney Articles:

"Reflections Upon Descent"*

"Arguments For Ascent"

About Dave Rodney

Dave strives to live by the credo: “To pursue Personal and Professional Excellence, through Outer and Inner Exploration!”. As a testimony to this, during his ‘96/97 sabbatical alone, he completed his Masters courses, climbed the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas, and developed the first ever interactive Corporate/Education e-mail/web-site of its kind--direct from Mt. Everest (with brushes of death and moments of triumph).

Since then, his work has been printed in magazines and newspapers all over the world (including Maclean’s, Westworld, The Globe & Mail); his videography has been utilized by National Geographic, North American and European National Broadcast Companies, American Corporations, and on African TV; and his photography has been published in North American and European books and texts. Dave has been interviewed across the globe; his team received the City of Calgary’s Special Achievement Medallion for their Everest efforts in September of 1997; he has been awarded for serving on numerous charity, educational, and civic committees and councils; and was acclaimed “one of 1999’s most influential people in the city!”

Currently, Dave is writing "Above & Beyond Your Peak Performance --- A Personal and Professional Quest for Success", and working on an auto-biographical documentary entitled "The Quiet Conquest".

For more information, please visit: www.daverodney.com