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A Quick Wit With Extra Carrots -- To Go
By Dale Irvin   Printer Friendly Version

I have a good friend named Kevin with whom I trade funny stories. We both have a rather twisted way of looking at life and we always keep our eyes open for views from an unusual perspective. As an example, Kevin called me when the United States lost an F-117A stealth bomber over Yugoslavia and told me to look on page three of section one of the local newspaper. On page three I found a photo of a Belgrade man who was standing near the downed bomber and carrying a sign that read, "Sorry, we didn't know it was invisible." No matter how you feel about the war, you have to admit that the guy in this photo has a fantastic sense of humor.

Kevin called me last week to relate his most recent humorous observation. He was dining at a local restaurant when he overheard the conversation in the booth behind him. He listened as a man with a heavy foreign accent, who was not extremely familiar with the English language, ordered his dinner. He struggled through the ordering process and the waitress wrote down what she hoped she heard. When she asked the man what type of dressing he wanted on his salad he answered, "I would like million island dressing."

The waitress, recognizing the man's difficulty with the language and not wanting to embarrass him, smiled and said, "We only have Thousand Island dressing -- but I'll bring you a lot of it." She smiled, the customer smiled, Kevin laughed; and hopefully, so did you.

If you encourage your employees to take a humorous look at life, it will reflect in a friendly and congenial attitude when they deal with your customers. Before you know it you are having fun AND making money.

Dale's Rule #17 - More Punch Lines - Bigger Bottom Lines

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