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Stop The World I Want To Get Off!
By Jack Donohue   Printer Friendly Version

Innovation: Something new. Have you tried something new lately? If you're like most people, you drove to work the exact same way this morning as you have every other morning for the past 10 years. You probably followed the exact same routine when you got out of bed as you do every day, and you will probably do the same things in the same order before you go to sleep tonight!

Why do we fall into these routines? Because it makes our lives easier. From learning theory, we know that stringing actions into patterns and sequences helps to make them quicker, easier and more likely to occur. If you have tried something new lately, you probably found that you didn't do it that well the first time. Or as well as you expected. And you may have done it more quickly the old way. And that it was a lot harder to try the new way then to do it the old way.

So why would you try a new way? Certainly not because it is more comfortable to try new things than to keep on keeping on. But remember, if we keep on doing what we've always done, we're going to keep on getting what we've always got. In the fast-paced world of the 1990's, and certainly in the new millenium, the old ways are not going to cut it anymore. One key is to accept that change is necessary to keep pace with the times. Imagine what life would be like without the computers we use everyday, the electric lights we take for granted, etc.

Another important aspect of change is whether we control it or it controls us. Taking responsibility for our future means preparing to meet the challenges that we know will be there in the future. This may take the form of learning how to use a new computer OS (operating system), taking courses to maintain or upgrade our skills, or simply taking a new route to work in order to avoid road construction.

Finally, how do we go about changing? Like anything else, different strokes suit different folks. For some people, change is easiest when it is rapid and final, with no option of returning to the former state. For others, more gradual, step-wise change is preferred. The circumstances must be tailored to suit the people involved.

Stop the world, I want to get off! For some people it is changing too fast, but for others, not fast enough! Whether we control the changes in our lives or they control us, one thing is for certain: The times they are a-changing!

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