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The One Single Most Valuable Skill You Must Learn
By Don L. Price   Printer Friendly Version

Without a doubt - the ability to influence people is the single most valuable skill in business today. Mastering influence will single handedly account for more business than any other skill -- will single handedly leapfrog your career and single handedly optimize your success.
Think about it.
Think of what you could do if you could increase your ability to ethically influence others, naturally, without sounding like you're making a sales pitch and squeezing them to make a decision. How much money and success could you create with that skill?
Look back into to your life experiences -- and while digging deep into it - look for the many times you were influenced to buy a product or go to dinner and a movie with a friend. How many times have you been influenced - as though it seemed almost hypnotic -- and later questioned yourself as to what prompted you to take action.
It should come as no surprise to you, if I were to tell you, that the most powerful form of influencing and getting people to take action is with repetition. Yes. You heard me right. Repetition is a powerful influencer that is hypnotic.
Repetition for influencing is the copywriters, marketers, salespersons and negotiators most dynamic weapon. When you use repetition in a seamless and ethical manner, you will impact the power you have with others.
"As a matter of fact, the greatest of all advertising tricks is that of persistently pounding away at the same suggestion while still keeping the appearance of freshness of idea." Kenneth Goods, Author of "Advertising"
"Very persuasive individuals can orchestrate vivid images that influence both the perception and mood of the listener. Highly skilled salespeople use word magic to bring their prospects and customers to other worlds of sights and sounds and feelings. Donald Moine & Kenneth Lloyd, Authors of "Unlimited Selling Power"
"Influence" will fashionably dominate the business globe. The period 2001 to 2003 represents just the tip of the "Information Revolution" and "Technology Revolution" in which we will witness the single greatest change in global economy and business conditions. Old paradigms will shift at tornado speed. Business and marketing models are changing from brick and mortar traditional business thinking to embrace the e-business revolution -- demanding more skilled leadership with the ability to ethically influence others.
The key driver in the new economy is the e-business revolution and it will transform every industry sector. Salespeople, marketers, advertisers, leaders and just about everyone responsible for global expansion, operating efficiency and unleashing of human potential will need to hone up on their influencing skills.
Just as importantly will be the form and media that we influence others with. The challenge will be in getting us heard and seen above all the noise, clutter, and junk we are bombarded with every second of the day.
The key to increase your ability to ethically influence others naturally will lie in your willingness to rapidly adopt new technology and your ability to craft your words hypnotically. Technology is the means to convey the message. But, your words are most relevant for influencing others.
The Internet and new technology empowers us to influence others in a newer, bigger and better way, for spectacular growth opportunities, never before experienced in history. Nothing has impacted the speed of communication than the Internet -- the influence has captured young and old globally.
In all communications, vocal, written, visual or any combination off - use emotional words and phases that move people. You're often on the right track when you appeal to curiosity, love, sex, money, fear, special, new, time and used repetitively. If it is going to get big - state that it is going to get bigger and bigger.
Painting words pictures are powerful influencers - "I love you more each time I see you" is weak. "Each moment that I glance into your eyes, I'm reminded of the rich affection and love I have for you" paints a much stronger and vivid picture.
Without a doubt - the ability to influence people is the single most valuable skill in our personal and business world today.

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