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Pyramids, Paradigms and Productivity
By Jim Cathcart   Printer Friendly Version

Assume for a moment that you are in charge of a tree. You are the president of the tree and a major stockholder in it. Your task is to make the tree successful and productive. Let’s further assume that you are well trained in business. You have an advanced degree in marketing and special training in management, planning and system design.

Now, the first thing you’ll want to do is get organized. You apply all your training and soon conclude that this tree needs to be re-engineered. In a meeting with your top branches, a plan is generated with the following steps.

1) Assess current productivity of all branches. (Finding: stagnant growth and minimal fruitfulness.)

2 ) Define your mission and vision. (To be abundantly fruitful and optimize our growth while contributing to our environment. To spawn a great forest.)

3) Clarify the organization’s values. (“We believe in being fruitful, growing constantly, making a contribution to society and fostering the growth of others who have integrity.”)

4) Define your organization’s structure. (You select a pyramid structure, as you were trained to, and chart all the players within it. Since roots and limbs look virtually the same they can be charted together.)

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