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How To Stay Motivated
By Orvel Ray Wilson   Printer Friendly Version

Everyone from athletes to astronauts has trouble getting motivated from time-to-time. What works for your co-worker may not work for you, so here's 5 sure-fire strategies for getting yourself fired up. One's sure to do the trick.

Set Dynamic Goals

Write them in your appointment diary. Every month, Monthly Goals. Every week, Weekly Goals. Every day, To-Do Today. Putting things in writing represents commitment in our culture. You are five times as likely to accomplish what you write down. Reduce these goals to formula; If you want to make $100,000 this year, and that means 40 new accounts of $10,000 each, your mantra for each months becomes "four-forty-ten." Use visual reminders. 4-40-10 big and bold on a sticky-note on the wall, on the phone, on the inside of your briefcase, on the mirror. Keep them in your face.

Keep Score

Bowling would be a lot less interesting if they took away the pins. And yet so many times, we give it our best shot, then fail to tote up the points. Measure everything; renewal business, new business, new prospects, face calls, phone calls, outbound mail. Count it all. Go public with your results. Post them where God and everybody can see them. Make yourself a "goal thermometer" and fill in the red each week.

The Salami Approach

A big, hard, dry salami can hang around for a long time without attracting much attention. But take a slice off of it and get a taste, you want more, and more, and more. Before you know it, you've eaten the whole thing. Break big projects down into bite-size pieces. Make momentum work for you. A little success is a lot more gratifying than a big failure.

Reward Yourself

"I'm going to finish writing this article (or proposal, or contract, or direct-mail piece) then I'm going to have a cup of coffee (or candy bar, or walk in the park). Chocolate is a powerful motivator. So are vacations, new cars, clothes, records, toys, whatever. Decide on something you really want, set your sights, then go for it. Never cheat.

Loose to a Jerk

Develop a healthy rivalry with someone you truly dislike. Dare them to a challenge, then rise to it. Whoever said "winning is it's own reward" never watched their rival grovel for second place. Go get 'um!

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