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Sales Success Starts With Association
By Curt Tueffert   Printer Friendly Version

Top sales producers have one thing in common; since they are professionals they seek out other professionals. Association is a critical ingredient to being a sales success. It has been said, "you cannot soar with the eagles if you walk with the turkeys." True as it may seem, who you associate with affects your sales potential.

Ask yourself three serious questions;

  • Who Do I Hang Around?"
  • "What Are They Doing To Me?
  • "Is That OK?"

You see, the people you spend time with have a direct impact on your ability to be successful. Evaluate who you spend large amounts of time with. What mental and emotional impact are they having on you? Are they critical, sarcastic, and negative? Chances are you'll become the same way. If these people see the glass as "half empty", soon you'll be agreeing with them that all hope is lost and your sales energy will be drained.

There are three ways to break out of this association trap.

1. Dis-Association - STOP hanging around these people. They are damaging to your energy, enthusiasm, and ultimately to your career. This is by far the hardest thing to do. They might be close friends or even family. You need to ask yourself "Is it OK what they are doing to me?"

2. Limited Association - You don't need to stop seeing them, just limit the time you spend with them. You can spend two hours, not two days. You can spend 20 minutes, not two hours. By limited your association, you still maintain the contact, just not the negative impact.

3. Increased Association - These are the people you want to be with. People who want to see you succeed. People who want to celebrate the wins with you and for you. The key is finding these people and investing yourself into their lives. Their energy and encouragement will give you more energy and creative thought to become a better sales professional. If you want to be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best.

As I travel across the U.S. and talk with sales professionals in every field, I see so many people associating with negative thinkers, people who complain constantly, who never have a kind word. That impacts these sales pros in a way that limits their excitement and energy. When they sell, the fire is gone. The genuine sincerity becomes something they turn off and on like a light switch, only using it to force the sale and move on.

Top sales producers are genuine. They care passionately about their product and service and the needs of the people they serve. They did not get to be the best by associating with negative thinkers. And they are not finished, top sales producers who associate with winners are looking for other sales professionals who want that increased association to. That is why they are winners not whiners.

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