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By Curt Tueffert   Printer Friendly Version

Jim sat at his computer table and stared at the screen. Numerous attempts of keyboard wrangling, mouse movements, and verbal pleading did not seem to cause the desired effect. The computer was locked up. He was stuck, frozen, and unproductive.

In the wide world of PC technology there is always a solution to a locked up computer; Control-Alt-Delete. Pressing these three keys simultaneously will force the computer to reboot. Pressing this sequence of keys would solve Jim's problem.

In our home business life, we often get stuck. Sales goals are not being met, our mission statement seems fuzzy, and our ability to self-promote lacks the punch it once had. Our attempts at wrangling, movement, and verbal pleading do not cause the desired effect. We are stuck.

What we need is a simple reboot of our business passion to get us back on track. We need to Control-Alt-Delete ourselves.

Control - Who is in control of your home based business? Who is in control of your attitude? When we get stuck, we've lost the control, the focus, and the passion of why we are in our business. "Why did we start this in the first place" rings in our ears. If you're in sales and you are stuck, what additional value can you add to the sales equation? What can you do to increase your value, to add the proper control to the sales call? If you own a business, regain control by rekindling the passion that drove you to start your business. Go back to the basics. Take control by starting at the beginning and working back to that place of excellence you just lost.

Alternative - The world is full of alternatives. When you're stuck, you've made a few wrong choices and now you're frozen, locked up. Begin today to make the right selections. Stop taking the easy road, start taking the road that makes you stronger. Stop listening to the negative input from outside consultants and friends, listen to that inner voice that started, ignited your passion. Stop making excuses for the condition of your business, start making improvements on yourself, to make you better.

Delete - In other words, erase, remove, obliterate, cancel, cross out, scrub. Get the picture? Be it a habit, action, or association. It has contributed to the lock up, the frozen computer syndrome. Get rid of it. This is the most difficult action to take. Are there people with negative attitudes giving you their advice? Consider a disassociation or limit your association with them. Do you find yourself slumped on the couch, getting advice from Talk Show Hosts or Prime Time television drama? Erase, remove, and obliterate those habits.

We all face times when we're stuck in our business. Our sales are slumping we lack focus and direction. It's time for a reboot. When you Control-Alt-Delete your business, your attitude, and your motivation, you are removing the junk, and reloading your computer with fresh information, fresh data, the original settings.

Remember them, they are the passion, desire, and dreams that started you on the road to success.

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