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What Ever Happened To Customer Satisfaction?
By Curt Tueffert   Printer Friendly Version

I remember the days when you drove into a gas station and the attendant checked your oil, tires, and other visual points. That was referred to as "full service." In retail, Nordstroms established the rule of thumb with their reputation for great customer service, "whatever it takes."

Recently, I heard a presentation by "Mattress Mac", the president of Gallery Furniture (Houston, TX) "Anyone can sell you furniture", he stated, "we sell customer satisfaction!" Now that is a statement I want to dive into.

In our home based business, we as sales people should be passionate about customer satisfaction. We should be measured on it, held accountable, and be financially rewarded based on the highest level of satisfaction we can bring our clients.

Why? Because we've earned that right by establishing rapport, building trust, and offering the best possible product or service we have. One of the things customers are thinking in any sales encounter is; "Are you interested in me for me, or what I can do for you?"

If we are truly interested in our client's interest, the highest level of customer satisfaction would be right at the top of the list. If we desire our business to grow and compete with the bigger companies, we can differentiate ourselves on Customer Satisfaction.

What if your business does not value customer satisfaction? I've seen many home based operations that just want to bring in the business, at any cost. Operate as if only you can deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Think outside the box for ways to improve your standing with your clients and prospects. Make it a point to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard of customer happiness; even if your outside influences and consultants do not share that passion.

Customers trust you when they see genuine desire, passion, and honesty. By creating a career of personal customer satisfaction, you'll win more customers, close more deals, and earn more money.

Why? Because most of the encounters businesses have with sales fall short. And your desire to be a cut above will draw more business to you than your competitor.

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