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By Curt Tueffert   Printer Friendly Version

The key to many business transactions begins with the successful sale. For the business owner, it is hiring the right professional to represent your product or service in the marketplace. For the sales rep., it is working hard and smart to uncover needs and wants that matches your product or service in the eyes of the prospect.

SWSWSW…NEXT is a philosophy I've embraced to help balance the wins and losses of the selling process. Some Will, Some Won't, So What…NEXT! keeps the passion in my selling career.

Some Will: We've all heard "selling is a numbers game…" Statistically that is true. The more people/business's we talk to the better our chance of selling them something. It is this ability to exchange your product/service for profit that gets a sales professional excited. Repeatable wins keep them going.

Some Won't: Even if I tried to sell dollar bills for nickels, some people would not buy! They would decline based on fear, or say, ""I already bought one..."" After you've asked all the right questions, actively listened, matched your product/service with their needs, and gained agreement and closure, some people just will not buy what you are selling! Why? That is the great mystery.

So What: The difference between sales winners and sales whiners is what they do with this great mystery. If you learn from not making the sale and thus improve yourself for the next opportunity - you win! When you complain, pout, and sour over this lost sale - you whine! And you ultimately lose future sales with this new terrible attitude.

NEXT! Successful sales professionals are successful because they move to the next prospect without dwelling on the negative past. When coming off a successful sale, they channel their feelings and enthusiasm into the next , presenting a fresh outlook and eager to sell to the next prospect.

It's been said "Selling is more mental that physical." Adopting SWSWSW…NEXT! adds a healthy dose of mental fuel to boost your sales career.

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