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Competence -- Confidence -- Commitment (The 3-C Energy Cycle)
By Sheila Murray Bethel   Printer Friendly Version

Wouldn't it be rewarding to know that you have made a difference to others by helping them become more competent, confident or committed? You can do exactly that as you use the 3-C Energy Cycle. You can generate an ever-increasing cycle of Competence-Confidence-Commitment, each contributing in turn to the growth and energy of the other.

Where do you start?

You can immediately begin applying the 3-C Cycle by replacing any negative elements with positive ones. For example, train to increase Competence, praise to increase Confidence, and inspire to increase Commitment.

Like the eternal chicken and the egg puzzle, few people agree which of the 3 C's comes first. Each of them grow out of the other:

· Competent people feel more confident about themselves.

· Confident people are more willing to take risks to increase their competence.

· Competent, confident people are more likely to be committed, and

· Commitment to a person or cause is essential for confidence and competence building.

One of the most effective ways to begin is to provide the fuel for the 3-C Energy Cycle by answering the following questions that are in the mind of your followers.


· Who will I become as I grow and change?

Fear of change is a natural and valuable part of life. It alerts us to potential problems and increases our awareness of opportunities. Still, change can be frightening. People fear losing their identities. Your followers' questions may come in the form of negative statements like "I could never do that" or "That's just not for me." Listen for the message behind their words and offer encouragement, not criticism. Confirm your belief that they will still be the same person, only stronger and better.

· What will I become?

Help followers paint a vivid, positive picture of their future as they grow and expand. Describe how they will feel, how others will respond to them, and the benefits of their growth and new skills.

· How will I reach my goals?

Offer a road map, outlining steps and stages for their journey. Those who are easily overwhelmed will need to be led in small increments. Others will want the big picture immediately.

Most everyone I've met is eager to find personal rewards in their work beyond just a paycheck. You supply those rewards when you initiate and perpetuate the 3-C Energy Cycle. Competence-Confidence -Commitment. You'll secure the loyalty, trust, and enthusiasm of your followers. At the end of each day you'll know that you are a leader who truly makes a difference.

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